Outpatient Therapy

A greater emphasis on preventative care, along with an aging population in need of physicaloccupational, and speech therapy, has led to rapid growth in rehabilitation services. To meet demand, therapy services are now provided in number.

What is Outpatient Therapy?

At MediLodge of Hillman, our goal is to offer our award-winning therapy services for any needs your loved one may have. We often serve and treat those with similar medical conditions as our residents through outpatient therapy. The difference is that patients visiting a clinic tend to have conditions that, while acute in nature, are less medically complex. For instance, a first-time stroke victim with no other medical history or complications may get treatment in an outpatient clinic. On the other hand, if multiple strokes and other medical issues are involved, a resident would require inpatient services.

Is your loved one looking to improve their daily mobility and quality of life while still keeping their independence? Outpatient therapy is an ideal choice for those who wish to remain at home. Therapy is typically focused on helping to restore function following an injury, so they can get back to their normal activities. We also provide other types of services, such as pre- or post-surgery rehab.

How Are Outpatient Therapy Appointments Arranged?

Therapy sessions in our state of the art gym tend to be 45-60 minutes in length. Residents often continue their exercises at home in between visits.

Medicare recipients are eligible to receive outpatient therapy under Medicare Part B. Because therapy caps were repealed last month, they will benefit from improved access to these services.

A Growing Need

The population over age 65 will nearly double in size by 2050. Due to this statistic, outpatient care has grown by 81% in the past decade. This will likely increase as the healthcare field continues to address a growing age bracket. While offering a lower cost, convenient alternative, outpatient therapy plays a crucial role.

Knowing which setting is best suited for your loved one can sometimes be difficult to gauge on your own. At MediLodge of Hillman, we always want to help you make the right decision for your family. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. we’ll be happy to make your life easier and enhance your loved one’s quality of life.

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