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I chose MediLodge of Hillman because I had broken some bones and needed therapy. Every department has stood out to me; they are all great at what they do. All the staff members have made me feel like family, and I am going to miss them all! I have been crying all day, because I am so happy to be going home, but so sad to be leaving here. I want to let Toni, CNA, know she gives great showers and I appreciate that she always made sure I matched and looked good. The nurse, Suzie, has come to my rescue many times and has made my stay so much easier. The nurse, Stefanie, is fantastic. You can just tell she loves everybody here. The nurse, Velinda, did a great job teaching me how to use my nebulizer. She has made me feel confident about going home and being able to do it on my own. And Dr. Dargis always has a sweet personality every time he sees me. All of Housekeeping keeps this building looking clean and taken care of at all times.

Thank you, everyone, for everything you have done for me!

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